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Fighting Social Media's Influence on Teen Mental Health

Because Their Lives Matter.

Their Voice Matters. 

"Collin is a warrior for our children." -Sean Reyes, Utah Attorney General

Real Teens No Filters

I need to tell you how much you helped me today. Today I was planning on ending my life, while my family went to your speech. My mom dragged me into the car to make me come. When I heard all the things you talked about, it helped me realize a lot of things. Social media has had a huge negative impact on my life, and I've decided to get rid of it for good. Thank you for everything you said, and for saving my life."

16year-old girl, Logan UT.

You have changed my life. I first saw your account I doubted so much on whether social media made as much a difference as you said it did. Then I started to notice things. I am spending hours at a time on social media. It's eating up all my time and I hate it. I don't act like a kid anymore. I also struggle getting along with family members. Guess who the culprit is?? SOCIAL MEDIA! I'm going to spend A LOT more time off social media and more time with my family!"

Ashlyn, 15, Gilbert, AZ

I messaged you a while ago about my daughter trying to commit suicide. I took her phone away. The difference is night and day. She is a happy girl again. She is full of life. She is wanting to participate in family activites. Her confidence has grown beyond what I could imagine. This is real. It is scary. She is only 13.

Utah Mom of Tween

Thank you so much for opening my eyes. I've been following you and your stories for the past couple of months now. As a 13 year old in middle school, I have definitely seen the effects of smart phones. It honestly is ruining our lives and generation. 

13 year old Provo, Utah

Since my junior year Instagram and Snapchat have given me so much anxiety and depression because I would see all these people doing fun things and watch people look so cute in their new clothes I coudn't afford. And ya know what, you made me realize that I don't need any of those things. I've unfollowed 500 plus people on Instagram and took everyone off my Snapchat that wasn't family. Thanks to you, I'm finally FREE!!!!"

Jordyn, HS Senior

Collin, you have motivated me to delete all of my social media accounts. I already got rid of Snapchat and now I'm going to get rid of Instagram. It's all just gross now... It's not worth it! Thanks Collin! I'm going to enjoy my freedom!"

Ali - 15

Hey Collin, my best friend and I are getting our whole friend group off snapchat, and hopefully we can make REAL memories instead of being motivated to do things so that everyone else can see and be jealous. We can act again like when we were kids, have real unfiltered fun. You and this movement is SO awesome!! Thank you!!"

KJ- 14yrs old

I hope what you know is that by doing what you're doing, you are saving kids. Maybe one, maybe 10, maybe thousands. And those who follow you and want to save the kids need to SHARE THIS MESSAGE. You never know who you can save and effect just by talking about it!"

Shawnee - teenager

Since we took away social media, it feels like we got our girl back! She's outside playing with siblings, laughing and more engaged! She isn't constantly sitting with her face in her iPod, and snapping at us. She only had it for a few months... But the immediate change we noticed, both when we got Instagram and then when we took it away, was amazing to me! I'm fully on board with just letting kids be kids! When I heard them all giggling outside today, I was so grateful I have been following you and cut off social media. So thank you! 

Mom San Clemente, California

Collin was invited to speak about Saving our Kids from social media and screen addiction at TEDxSaltLakeCity in September 2018.

His message got a standing ovation.

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When you tell tweens and teens that they don't need to compare themselves to the airbrushed highlight reels they see on social media, that it's okay show the world when they're not okay, and that by letting go of who they think the world wants them to be and just loving themselves for who they are, ...they clap, they cheer, they cry, they hug you...because they are exhausted trying to be perfect.  

Social media's negative effects on youth mental health and too much screen-time is the underlying link to the current epidemic rise in teen depression and anxiety, eating disorders, self-harming, suicide ideation and suicide itself. We must teach our kids that their worth does not come from likes, followers, or Snapchat streaks. As the world shouts constantly to them that "Your are NOT Enough!" we need to shout "You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are!"

Smart phones and social media are the new drug of choice in homes. They hooked parents, disconnected them from their kids, distracted us from who is truly important, and taught us that "likes" = self worth--and now our kids are modeling us. Kids need our eyes and our love and validation more than ever before. Showing your kids you love them is 2% effort and 98% just putting down your phone. 



Collin spoke over 500 times this year. To book a speaking engagement for your community, church, school, or professional conference: email heycollin@savethekids.us

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Smart Phones & Social Media: Cigarettes 2.0

Not long ago, medical doctors endorsed, advertised for, and prescribed cigarettes to their patients. We look back at those ads and say "What were they thinking?" Research is now proving the epidemic rise in teen anxiety, depression, and suicide is linked to smart phone & social media use. Our kids have been guinea pigs in a tech experiment gone horribly wrong. We are facing a national public health crisis, and it's time to fix it. What side of history will we be on?

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Newest Research

Collin part of KSL Investigation into Teen Social Media Use

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#SavetheParents Night


"We are on the verge of the biggest mental health crisis our nation has ever seen....Every time a new app catches on because teens stay up all night using it, those companies make money. It's just the kids who lose." Dr. Jean Twenge, author of iGen

Deseret News Article by Collin

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"Is Social Media Causing Depression, Suicide Among Utah's Youth? "

Interview on Fox13

Using Social Media for Good

Raising $125,000 for Hurricane Harvey Victims

I Love Kids. Period. The End.

Collin Kartchner Utah

My Message to Parents

My Message to Parents

In the News

Utah Valley Magazine Top 40 Under 40

Collin was recently selected as one of Utah's "Top 40 Under 40" featured in the June 2018 edition of UV Business Magazine for his social media activism and youth advocacy.

When asked what his business and financial goals were, he replied "Money and financial success do not motivate me in the slightest. I want to give a voice to to people who don't have one."

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National Delete Snapchat Day

When Snapchat, an app used by most every teenager to communicate with friends, announced starting June 1 they would release a new feature allowing users to access explicit pornography, Collin decided to take action. He announced "National Delete Snapchat Day" inspiring 1000's of teens to delete this harmful app.

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#SavetheParents Education Nights

Collin has created an empowering educational event for parents to come and learn from nationally recognized experts on the dangers of social media and how to keep your kids safe. The first two events in Pleasant Grove, UT, were standing room only, and has since sparked more events in Utah,  Arizona, and California. To bring an event to your community email heycollin@savethekids.us

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Collin was fed up with the number of plastic surgery billboards in Utah screaming at women they're "not enough". In 8 minutes he raised enough money to place "You are Loved" and "You are Beautiful" billboards across the state seen 1.18M times. 

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